Spectrum Sections


Vocalists, since the dawn of the big band era, have overshadowed their band

David Collins, and Julia Walker need no introduction. They have performed across the country for a decade. Not just comfortable, but exemplary in many styles. Their chemistry is electrifying in ballads and they command the stage during solo work.


The Saxophone is actually a translation of the human voice - Stan Getz

The Spectrum Saxophone section is the standard set up of 2 Alto Saxophones, 2 Tenor Saxes and a Bari Saxophone, with various doubling instruments.

Our Altos, Mereki Leten (not pictured) on lead alto and William McNaughton (picture left) on 2nd Alto are the perfect duo up top. Mereki's sweet lyrical style cuts through the top of the group as her melodies dance around the top. Just above William's rock solid tone and intonation providing stability when Alto 1 or Tenor 1 are soloing.

Our Tenor Saxes, Oisin Smith-Coburn (picture right) and Sandra Cruikshank (picture middle right) have opposing approaches to the sax section that allow the perfect balance in the front row of the band. Oisin, a seasoned improviser seated next to the rhythm section has elevated solos in Spectrum to a new level. Sandra, is Spectrum's longest serving member. Having played every chart in the library Sandra provides a foundation to the group, with her impressive intonation and time she is able to lock the Sax section in with Trombones when arrangements require it.

At the bottom end is composer Ben Jones (pictured middle left) on Bari Saxophone, and Bass Saxophone. Ben is passionate about the lower end of town and his comical personality shines through every melody he plays.

The Spectrum saxophone section is the perfect blend of sweetness and bite. Solid players providing a launching pad for improvisers and a perfect pad underneath melodies and soloists from other sections

Trombone Section

"The trombone is the true head of the family of wind instruments... it has all the serious and powerful tones of sublime musical poetry, from religious, calm and imposing accents to savage, orgiastic outburst." - Hector Berlioz

Spectrum's Trombone Section is the physical and musical heart of the ensemble. Much like the orchestras of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, and Bob Brookmeyer, Spectrum's music is pumped from the centre of our group; the Trombones.

Matt Haldon (2nd from left) leads the section with fierce tone and a range to match. Iris Eagar (1st on left) is an impressive soloists and equally as fierce as Matt, creating a powerful duo to sit on top of the section.

Mark Anderson (not pictured) is a stalwart in our section, creating a roundness to the section from the middle. Simon Mitchell (pictured on right) on Bass Trombone has been with Spectrum and Canberra City Band for decades. Providing the foundation to the section, or linking in with Bari Sax and the rhythm section.

Matt Rickets (pictured 2nd on right) is Deputy MD and swing Trombone player, covering all parts in the section. Matt has lead several large ensembles, and performs in Australian Wind Symphony, and Traxion Big Band.

Trumpet Section

"I play the trumpet because I realize it's a means to free a lot of people who ain't free" - Christian Scott aTunde adjuah

A good Trumpet section makes or breaks a big band. Fortunately Spectrum has one of the most interesting sections, capable of leading the whole band.

Lead trumpet Zach Raffan (2nd from left) leads the band, setting the volume, phrasing, and style of the group. Zach has been heard all over region for decades, known as a real artist and craftsman on the trumpet. Claire Leske on Trumpet 2 (3rd from left) has been playing in large ensembles in Canberra for a decade. Supporting Zach on lead and performing beautiful solos.

Trumpet 3 is Daniel Harvey (pictured left) as the all rounder, supporting the lead players at times, filling out the middle of the section and the occasional solo. Rounding out the section on Trumpet 4 is Shane Spellman (pictured right). Shane is the solid foundation player of the section, doubling Zach perfectly an octave down allowing the section to link with Trombones and Saxes, and a very interesting soloist.

Rhythm Section

"If your big band doesn't have a good drummer, find a new drummer, or find a new band" - Buddy Rich

Spectrum has a long history of great rhythm sections and our current line up is likely the best. Solid groove and time, with sympathetic players who interact with the larger ensemble and soloists.

Drummer Oliver Brissendon (Pictured 2nd from left) is one of the best drummers in Canberra and getting better! A solid groove and time feel playing across many styles. Linking in as the beating heart of the big band is Jason Henderson (pictured 2nd from right) on the Bass. Jason is equally comfortable on double bass or electric bass, providing the perfect foundation for the horn players to launch from.

The colour in the section comes from Perrin Lionis (right) on keys and Joe Oglarik (left) on guitar. Both great improvisers, both capable of providing some body to the groove, sensitive comping through solos, and colour the rhythm section with their voicings.

Rounding out the rhythm section with texture is Katrina Leske (centre) on percussion. Equally comfortable with latin hand drumming and auxilary percussion. This texture elevates Spectrum Big Band to a new level.